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Who We Are

Based in Lund in the Greater Copenhagen Area, XReative Labs is here to offer guidance and service regarding Extended Reality (XR) and the Metaverse.

We offer workshops on how Virtual Reality and Augmented reality can improve your company, we offer space and the latest technology for research and development.

XReative Labs is run by the XR Studio One Reality, and in cooperation with Mobility Innovation Arena (MiA), we bring you the future.


Our Mission

Our World today is developing faster than ever before, and there is an increasing need to adapt and learn at a higher pace and efficiency.

XReative Labs is here to help.

Core Values

XReate Value

At XReative Labs, it is always of great importance that you get value from coming here.

We believe in Win-Win-Win:

You, Us, The World.


The 17 Sustainability Goals of the UN matter greatly to Xreative Labs, and to our world.
XReative Labs want us all to learn faster, and in new ways, to meet the challenges of our future.


In today's world, new knowledge and new tech are more important than ever.

If we can master it, we can vastly improve our future.

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