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The Hub for Extended Reality and the Metaverse.

Tomorrow's business knowledge and visualization

What We Offer

XReative Labs is here to offer guidance and service on the world of Extended Reality (XR) and the Metaverse. 

Based in Lund in the Greater Copenhagen Area.


Why XReative Labs

VR Rooms

Used for Virtual Reality research and projects. Here you have access to the latest technology for your needs.

Flexible Desk Solutions

A desk to fulfill your needs when needed. 

Car Simulator

A specialized station for research on mobility and safety.

Next Generation Meeting Rooms

Here you can use screens, VR-headsets and digital whiteboards for meetings of high efficiency and retention, wherever you are.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Our Partners

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  • How to book a Workshop, R&D Space or Flex Desk?
    Get in touch with us via the Contact page.
  • How to get in contact?
    You can get in touch with us via the Contact page.
  • What is MiA?
    MiA stands for Mobility Innovation Arena.
  • Can I have an Event at XReative Labs?
    Yes you can! Get in touch with us through the Contact page.
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